Everything you can imagine is real.


Pablo Picasso

My Paintings

Safari Art Series


I enjoy traveling and have traveled a lot in the last decade or so, many of my pieces are directly influenced by my travels.

These are a series of paintings, after an out of realm trip of Safaris in Kenya.

Japanese Art

Japanese art

Sketches I did as a teenager and years later I was inspired to paint them on large canvases, after my visit to Japan, which was the most fascinating world of art and culture at its best!

Zen Buddhism Art


I have always been enlightened by Buddha's teachings.  It inspires and motivates me to paint inspirational art. It was especially fascinating, when I visited Buddhist temples in Hong Kong and China.

Mystic Art


Mystic art form has always fascinated me with the limitless qualities.  My frequent trips to the Middle East and of recent to Istanbul. Seeing the Whirling Dervish shows and visiting museums.  It inspired me to paint with my own self-expression and imaginations. 

Abstract Art


My interest to abstract art came out of  curiosity to the art form, as it does not attempt to represent a visual reality, but instead use shapes and colors, to achieve its effects.  

"There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”                        ~ Pablo Picasso

More Paintings


 Each artist sought's her own means of self-exploration.  My desire is to explore new forms of expressions as a diversified artist. 

 The artists must see all things as if he were seeing them for the first time. All his life he must see as he did when he was a child. ~ Henri Matisse